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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nov 4 - Vote YES for Charleston Libraries!

Our libraries and their staff are fabulous. And the impact and reach of our library system is obvious.
260,139 people have library cards in Charleston County!  More than  3.3-million books, audio books, CD’s, DVD’s and other articles were borrowed by our customers in 2013.  We also drew 1.8 million user visits at our 16 branches plus nearly 210,000 people to more than 6,000 programs during the year. - 
But clearly, we need to reinvest in our library infrastructure.
It’s been 28 years since the last bond referendum in 1986, and we have made every effort to be fiscally responsible with your tax dollars and will continue to do so. Our facilities are in great need of being updated to meet the technological demands of the future, so all of our libraries can better serve you.
On November 4th, we have the opportunity to support major improvements in our public library system, including

  • More technology
  • Renovated & new facilities
  • More learning spaces for children and teens
  • Broader access to books that includes self check-out and more online options
  • Faster internet connections
  • More instruction on computer software
  • Community meeting rooms
  • Quiet study spaces
  • More parking spaces              

In their compelling endorsement of the Nov 4 library referendum, the Post & Courier, made the case for support clear.
You can get books, other print materials, audio books, eBooks, videos, CDs, Internet access, meeting rooms, learning space and much more from the Charleston County Public Library system.You can get a reading of a community’s commitment to the common good by checking out how well they support – or fail to support – public libraries. 
And by approving the Nov. 4 referendum on the Charleston County Public Library’s plan for new buildings and renovation, voters wouldn’t just be expanding its ability to serve their families and neighbors.They would be sending a powerful, positive message that our community is serious about enhancing our quality of life by expanding access to the many benefits libraries bring. 
The case for the referendum is thoroughly persuasive.

CharlestonGOOD joins the Post & Courier, as well as a whole list of other folks, in strongly endorsing the Nov 4 referendum in support of Charleston County Public Library’s plan for new buildings and renovation.